Advanced Search Options

Advanced Search Options

advanced search options

  • The default setting for searches is set to title.
  • If you searched with the keyword ‘edLab’ it would give results with items having the word ‘edLab’ in their ‘title’.
  • If you click pockets then it will directly search and give you a list of items containing the keyword ‘edLab’ in their pocket’s name or description.
  • If you click ‘authors’ it will search and give you a list of items with ‘edLab’ in their authors name or description.

Understanding search results in PocketKnowledge / how do searches work in PK?

For example, let us say you made a search using the keyword ‘edlab’. The left results column shows you the list of items containing the word ‘edlab’ in their title. The default search setting is to ‘title’. You will always get the list of items in the results column.

Pocket Knowledge DOES NOT search through other web pages. Pocket Knowledge is itself a digital depository or collection of several archived items, such as images, documents, zipped files, etc. In Pocket Knowledge, an item can have several attributes such as, title, pocket, tags, author, uploader and comments. The person who has uploaded the item defines these attributes.

If you search with the same word ‘edlab’ in pockets then you will get a list of items from ‘pockets’ that are titled 'edlab'. Similarly, if you search in tags with the keyword ‘edlab’ then you will get a list of items who have ‘edlab’ mentioned in their ‘tags’. It works the same with authors and uploaders.

Exact Term Search

Not getting exactly what you want? You have to enter the exact word you are looking for. So, you would have to make separate searches for the words ‘pocket’ and ‘pocketknowledge’.

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