There and Back Again, with Emily Grossman
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 06/07/2010
Uploaded: 05/26/2010
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Tags: autobiographical, Book Talk, coping skills, Emily Grossman, Mental health, mind disorder, recovery

Description/Abstract: Join the Gottesman Libraries for Emily Grossman's debut book talk and signing for There and Back Again: A Mental Health Recovery Book Written by Someone Who Has Lived It (2010). This book is meant to help anyone who is struggling with any mental health disorder and to provide individuals with inspiration even if they have not been diagnosed. Partly autobiographical, Ms. Grossman's publication is a self-help book about how to "win in life despite and because of one's mind disorder." Written in a conversational tone, this book provides its readers with some important steps to take to manage a mind disorder, including how to select the right clinicians and how to apply coping skills to manage the disorder. It also includes inspirational stories about those in recovery, and much, much more.

An experienced classroom teacher and tutor, Emily Grossman is Recovery Specialist working for a mental health agency in Northern New Jersey. She also currently owns a consulting company, The Dream Team Coaches, which has a mission of helping children to become heroes despite mental health obstacles and her motto is: "Life experience plus professional experience equals the best kind of care." Ms. Grossman graduated from Rutgers University with her B.A. in English, and from Teachers College, Columbia University with her M.A. in English Education.

Where: 305 Russell