Coffee Hour: Learn by Doing!
By: A. Epp
Published: 03/29/2010
Uploaded: 05/13/2010
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Tags: Coffee Hour, Database searching, Gottesman Libraries, Learning by Doing

Description/Abstract: Coffee Hour: Learn by Doing! Monday, 3/29, 11am-12noon

Do your eyes glaze over when presented with the details of database searching?

Will the newly adopted Cephalonian method thrive or fail?

What about using Socrates to teach the library catalog?

A more student centered approached to finding full text?

Sometimes called experiential learning?

And the future of library instructionů?!

The Gottesman Libraries is experimenting with more fun, innovative, and effective ways to bring research resources and strategies to the Teachers College classroom. Join us over coffee and danishes to discuss instructional strategies and brainstorm ideas, as we embrace the spirit of progressive education and learn by doing!

This informal gathering of faculty, students, and staff will meet from 11am-12noon on the last Monday of each month during the Spring Semester, starting January 25th. Additional dates are: February 22; March 29; and April 26.

Where: Second Floor Salon