Zindagi: Acculturation, Technology & Media through Collaboration
By: Azadeh Jamalian
Published: 09/15/2008
Uploaded: 07/17/2009
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Tags: Acculturation, collaboration, media, technology, Zindagi


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Description/Abstract: On Monday, September 15, Dilshad Dayani will speak on her work in immigration, education, and culture, using the power of media. Zindagi, meaning “life” in Hindustani, is Dilshad’s non profit radio show in Dallas with Radio Salaam Namaste on 104.9 FM. The live talk show along with a podcasting site imparts both education and entertainment through interviews and other mediums, primarily with and for South Asian immigrants currently living in the Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas. Collaborating with the media, school districts and community network professionals who are expert in their fields from every walk of life, Zindagi helps immigrant parents and individuals feel more confident towards participating in schools; asking relevant questions to teachers, discussing issues and ideas, and sharing information with friends and relatives. The show has grown to be a national project, with its first affiliation in preparation for mid August launch by two New Jersey South Asian stations.

Dilshad Dayani, Executive Producer and Host for Zindagi, is a graduate of Teachers College, having earned her Masters in Instructional Design and Media, in addition to a Masters of Education from Karachi University in Pakistan. She is the Program Director for Eduvisor, where she visits both private/public schools; orients them with the ‘eduvisor’ program; and helps them assess their middle and high school technology. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at North Central University. Dilshad has served as a curriculum technology specialist, elementary school teacher, and early childhood lead teacher in Texas and California. Active in various boards from Parent Education to Diversity portfolios, she is the author of Let’s Hear Our Five Senses Talk, a children’s book of rhymes, rhythm, and short sentences.