The Edwards Personal Preference Schedule, Revised: Implications for Culturally-Competent Practice
By: Suzanne E. Bonfiglio
Published: 2006
Uploaded: 08/16/2006
Uploaded by: Suzanne E. Bonfiglio
Pockets: Counseling & Clinical Psychology, Teachers College Students
Tags: assessment, counseling ethics, cultural psychology, EPPS, gender discrimination, heterosexism, personality assessments, sexual discrimination


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Description/Abstract: Developed in 1954 and revised just once in 1959, the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule is still a widely-used assessment of "normal" personality. The instrument examines fifteen independent "manifest needs" of normal personality, one of which is heterosexuality. This paper argues that the EPPS should be removed from all counselors' assessment repertoires, as it does harm not only to LGBTQ test subjects, but also to society in general, as its administration to any client perpetuates heterosexism and the supremacy of the binary gender system.