Out of Thin Air: Metaphor, Imagination, and Design in Communications Studies
By: Jonah Bossewitch
Published: 12/14/2007
Uploaded: 12/21/2007
Uploaded by: Jonah Bossewitch
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Tags: architecture, carey, Methodology, methods, normative, paper, patterns, philosophy, Social Science, subjectivity

Description/Abstract: This essay examines of some of the missing methods in the social sciences and communications studies. In particular I explore some of the methods used in western analytic philosophy (thought experiments, what-if scenarios, and counter-factuals) as well as architecture (pattern languages, studio critiques, and design research) which offer alternative perspectives the role of normative assertions in research.

What is the relationship between subjectivity and objectivity in scholarship, and how can the two be reconciled? What responsibilities does a modern scholar, as a citizen of a global society, have towards the object of their inquiry? What are some of the methods utilized by various disciplines and professions to balance these conflicting tensions?