Class Of 1907 And Members Of Teachers College Faculty On The Steps Of The Main Building. (1907)
By: Photographer: Unknown, Printmaker: Pach
Published: 1907
Uploaded: 09/28/2007
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Pockets: Historical Photographs of Teachers College

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Dimensions: 16" wide x 11.75" high
Technique Medium Material: Photograph on fiber based paper
Color: Sepia
Subject Matter: Student group pictures
Faculty and staff group pictures
Source Provenance: Part of the Teachers College Archive Photograph Collection
Notes: This is the original print
An incomplete and partially peeled list of names appears on the back of the photographic board: "34.) Susie M. Torell; 35.) Mary V. Walter; 36.) Mary Cushburan; 37.) Auriall J. Perry; 38.) Florence M. Andrews; 39.) Carrie L. Boice; 40.) Dara B. Williams; 41.) Maria Hayes; 42.) Sara P. Strong; 43.) V. Beal; 44.) Josephine Schiffer; 45.) Lena Lawson; 46.) Ralph Blakeslee; 47.) Anna M. Steiner; 48.) Elizabeth Rusk; 49.) Maude De Core; 50.) Edith Wadsworth; 51.) Jacob Rubin; 52.) Seura Bower; 53.) Helen M. Reynolds; 54.) Faith R. Lauman; 55.) Euniece Welsh; 56.) Maude Sutherland; 57.) Mrs. Sargent; 58.) Evelyn Drummand; 59.) Gertrude Heapley; 60.) - 64.) missing; 65.) Ada Murdock; 66.) Winnifred B. Rainnager; 67.) Edith M. Tufts; 68.) Nellie G. Seall; 69.) Carl Danielson; 70.) Allie G. Reese; 71.) Arva Blend; 72.) Leo Wax; 73.) W. T. Thayer; 74.) Thouias Strecu; 75.) Wyatt Johnson; 76.) Edward Otis; 77.) Madeleine Strong; 78.) Marie Flynn; 79.) S. Murray; 80.) ?; 81.) Jessi Bee. Merrick; 82.) Helen Graham; 83.) E. N. Milliker; 84.) Howard Harris; 85.) Fred B. Hagaman" the remaining numbers and names are not known"