Growing in art
By: Esther Chevlen, Sam Mukaida, David Guerin, Inter-Age Group of the New Lincoln School
Published: 01/01/1940
Uploaded: 07/18/2007
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Tags: art, children, Columbia univ, creative activity, Education, historical video, TC

Description/Abstract: N 350 .G78
Historical Video Footage - Growing in Art -1940's.

100a, 10 min, sd, bw
Shows that through creative experiences elementary children can acquire artistic knowledge and also grow their social relations in self-reliance.
Produced by TC students Esther Chevlen and Sam Mukaida (194?)

This film enacts the values of art education as a tool to instruct students in the value of learning to share cooperatively and collaboratively. It also highlights the difficulty some students have to work within a group and how this can be combatted with art education. Children are taught to be positive critics and show understanding for their peers, especially when they are asked to comment on their work. Art education is a good tool for the student's development as it allows for the student to choose his or her own material and, to develop it creatively.