Book Review Of Apprenticeship for Adulthood: Preparing Youth for the Future
By: Thomas Bailey
Published: 1991
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Description/Abstract: The 1983 publication of A Nation at Risk is generally accepted as the beginning of the current school reform movement. The central thrust of that movement, in its early stages, was a greater emphasis on academic courses and academic standards in secondary school. Secondary school vocational education was viewed with suspicion. Indeed, vocational courses were often squeezed out of the curriculum by increases in the required number of academic courses—one of the most common of the 1980s reforms. Apprenticeship was simply not on the agenda. Most reformers, if they thought about apprenticeship at all, probably considered it an outmoded mechanism kept in existence by discriminatory construction unions for the purpose of maintaining high construction wages. During the late 1980s, the focus of the reform movement on academic standards and courses weakened. It is an indication of how much the reform movement has evolved that it now shares many of its central...

Source: Teachers College Record
Volume: 92
Number: 4
Pages: 632-636