Book Review of "Education and Work for the Year 2000"
By: Thomas Bailey
Published: 1994
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Description/Abstract: The tenth anniversary of the 1983 publication of A Nation at Riskisk provides a good opportunity to look back on the education reform movement that it appeared to initiate. The striking aspect of A Nation at Risk was that it signaled a shift in education reform from preoccupation with access and equity to concern that our schools were performing so badly that they were undermining the performance of the economy. These books by Arthur Wirth and by Ray Marshall and Marc Tucker represent important and probably dominant strands of education reform thinking of the early 1990s. Thinking for a Living is particularly important because both authors were key members of the Commission on Skills in the America Workforce, which published America's Choice: High Skills or tow Wages.(n1) That report has probably been one of the most discussed and perhaps most influential of the thousands of education reform reports, papers, and books produced in the last decade, and many of the individuals involved now play key roles...

Source: Teachers College Record
Volume: 95
Number: 3
Pages: 409-414