I've Got A Story to Tell: Identity and Place in the Academy
By: Barbara Wallace
Published: 2000
Uploaded: 03/23/2007
Uploaded by: Barbara Wallace
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Description/Abstract: Sandra Jackson and Jose Solis Jordan have produced an edited volume that transmits a chorus of voices covering the themes of racism, sexism, classism and homophobia in the academy. They've got a story to tell! But, are the majority of academics ready to listen? From their "Introduction" it is clear that Jackson and Jordan clearly understand the nature and magnitude of what they are revealing, for they state that the book seeks to "break silences and to speak the unspeakable" (p.1.). They also know what they risk in presenting a body of material that may be dissected and rejected by the majority of academics in the name of intellectual discussion "until there is no humanity to the experience, nothing that should necessarily move one to struggle to understand the experiences of others who are different" (p.3). Jackson and Jordan also forewarn how all too often "professors of color are accused of being overly sensitive, without humor, taking things too seriously, and looking for trouble where none exists."...