Academic Couples: Problems and Promises
By: Ann Nuemann
Published: 1988
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Description/Abstract: It is rare to find a book that prompts a reader-to say, ‘Yes, that’s it, That’s a helpful way to think about this subject,” or to ask, “ Why haven’t we inquired into this particular subject more openly before?” Collectively, the contributors to the edited volume Academic Couples: Problems and Promises assert that academic couples, as social and academic phenomena, need to be named, researched, and addressed more openly than they have been. Although the writings suggest that many higher education policy-makers do worry about academic couples—especially in recruitment and retention—this subject (including the perspective on lives, careers, and organizations that it invokes) is generally absent in writings about the professoriate and college and university organization. Extensive literatures do exist on who professors are, what they do with their time, how they enact “scholarly productivity,” what inspires their teaching. And equally extensive literatures exist on colleges and universities as workplaces for...

Source: Teachers College Record
Volume: 100
Number: 1
Pages: 197 - 199