A History of Teachers College, Columbia University
By: Lawrence A. Cremin, David A. Shannon, Mary Evelyn Townsend
Published: 1954
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Pockets: Demonstration and Experimental Schools at Teachers College, Lincoln School, New College, Speyer School, Horace Mann School, Gottesman Libraries Archive, Lawrence A. Cremin Collection (1974-1984), Teachers College Faculty, Teachers College Office of the President, Grace Dodge
Tags: Affiliated Schools, Columbia University, Grace Hoadley Dodge, history, History and Education, Hollis L. Caswell, Horace Mann School, James Earl Russell, Lincoln School, Nicholas Murray Butler, School Experimentation, Teachers College, V. Everit Macy, Walter L. Hervey, William F. Russell


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Description/Abstract: A complete history of Teachers College, Columbia University, since its founding in 1887.

From the Preface:

"The History of Teachers College, Columbia University, since its founding in 1887, is the history of American teacher education writ small. Born at a time when the whole conception of a rigorous and thorough professional education for teachers was far more a dream than in any way a reality, the College during the past half-century has been in the forefront of every major movement, issue, and conflict in American education..."