The Importance of Technology for Making Cultural Values Visible
By: Xiaodong Lin, Charles Kinzer
Published: 2003
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Tags: Cultural awareness, educational technology, Elementary Secondary Education, Information Technology, Multimedia Materials, Racial attitudes, Reflective Teaching, Student diversity, Teacher Attitudes

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Description/Abstract: This article explores the potential for using technological tools to foster teacher understanding of cultural diversity and promote teacher reflection. The authors review several studies in which different technologies were used in ways that allowed implicit teacher and student beliefs to become more explicit and thereby easier to reflect on. These studies were conducted inside and outside of the United States; the uses of technology for reflection are drawn across multiple cultures simultaneously. Three types of technologies are examined in more detail: technological artifacts (such as a software program), multimedia cases, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). The authors conclude by examining the implications of the use of' these technologies for teacher reflection and belief change. Those implications are also extended into suggestions for changes in preservice teacher education.

Source: Theory into Practice
Volume: 42
Number: 3