Workshop: Academic Integrity
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 07/02/2018
Uploaded: 07/03/2018
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Tags: academic integrity, education ethics, Fairness, honesty, research

Description/Abstract: Workshop: Academic Integrity, Thursday, 7/12, 3-4pm

From the library-subscribed journal, to the Wikipedia entry in the public domain, it is important to use with honesty, care, and accuracy the resources and information so readily accessible. Please join us for a conversation on academic integrity, a growing concern in higher, straight down to elementary education, and understand the value in adhering to the honor code in research, education, and scholarship.

This workshop will provide useful tips and guidance on plagiarism, helping you take the steps needed to cite others accurately and also make your work your own. We will describe the meaning and implications of plagiarism; distinction between paraphrasing and citing; and ways to avoid plagiarism, as we draw upon campus resources and other relevant sites.

Check out Academic Integrity on rhizr.

Rsvp with your interest and details by Wednesday, July 11th.

Where: 104b Russell