A Dual Capacity Framework for Building Principal Leadership: Developing, Supporting and Sustaining School Leaders
By: Regina Javelle Boyd
Published: 5/18/2016
Uploaded: 06/06/2018
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Pockets: 2016 (May) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations, Gottesman Libraries Archive, Historical Dissertations
Tags: principal

Description/Abstract: This dissertation was centered on the development of a conceptual framework, with a subsequent handbook focused on developing, supporting, and sustaining school leaders. Particular attention was on school leaders who are in their first five years of navigating the principalship. The general idea supporting the research was to develop a structure to provide principals with professional development during the first five years of their principalship. The study also incorporated national ISLLC standards to determine how principals defined the gap between preparation and practice. Educators representing principals, principal supervisors, central services, and university professors were engaged in in-depth interviews with open-ended questions. They also participated in a school administrator preparedness survey as well as a validation survey as part of the research for developing the conceptual framework. The findings revealed that the respondents indicated a gap in principal preparation and real-world practice. These findings provide insight for the further development of sustainable professional development systems, which develop, support, and sustain principals as building leaders. The results of the data analysis revealed that educators suggested long-range professional development for principals related to navigating the principalship.The study strove to maximize a school districts full potential to develop, support, and sustain school leaders. A suggested six-component model was presented to support the development of customized district professional development for principals. Each component in the model has supporting phases which can be linked to ISLLC standards.