How The Student Teacher And Cooperating Teacher Relationship Influences Pre-Service Students Thinking and Attitudes During The Student Teaching Process
By: Vasiliki Stavropoulos
Published: 05/18/2016
Uploaded: 06/05/2018
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Pockets: 2016 (May) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations, Gottesman Libraries Archive, Historical Dissertations
Tags: Dispositions, Mentor Teachers, Student teachers, teacher education

Description/Abstract: The purpose of this study was to take a closer look at student teacher dispositions and how they are shaped and transformed throughout the student teaching experience, while specifically taking into account the relationship between student teachers and cooperating teachers. The student teaching experience is the culminating opportunity for student teachers to have a chance to work intimately with a seasoned cooperating teacher to practice teaching. The student teaching experience is one of the most influential pieces of teacher preparation. With this in mind, I studied how the relationship between the student teacher and cooperating teacher shaped the student teacher's attitudes and dispositions towards teaching.

The critical and formative experiences described by the participants informed, reaffirmed, and transformed the opinions they held about the technical piece of teaching as well as the personal relationship between the student teacher and cooperating teacher as they entered the classroom for their first student teaching experience. The participants beliefs about teacher attitudes and dispositions were challenged as they began to develop, question, and affirm their beliefs about teacher attitudes and dispositions. Implications included beginning to fill the gap in the literature on how dispositions are developed, affirmed, and transformed from the pre-service teacher's point of view because it is less visible in the literature. In addition, there is the potential for teacher education programs to incorporate a place for discussion about and reflection on the development of teacher attitudes.