Guest Talk: Interfaith Childhoods, with Anna Hickey-Moody
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Published: 04/20/2018
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Description/Abstract: Guest Talk: Interfaith Childhoods, with Anna Hickey-Moody, Tuesday, 5/1, 4-5:30pm

Topic: Interfaith Childhoods: Understanding Religious and Cultural Difference Through Art

"Socially engaged arts practices can bring people together, and make new forms of group subjectivity. They are intra-active, diffractive methods through which practitioners can craft new ways of being. In this presentation, I consider the material-discursive spaces of my transnational Interfaith Childhoods research project as a way of re-making multicultural urban communities that can be fractured by differences in belief. I critically engage with arts practices that highlight the views of community and foreground the voices of children in Sydney, Melbourne, Manchester and London. My socially engaged practices with interfaith children zigzag across, and bring together, a diverse selection of bodies, beliefs, knowledges, skills, and negotiate differences while documenting emergent group subjectivities. Through an excavation of my arts research workshops in the 4 cities across the UK and Australia, I demonstrate how aesthetic practices generate, and create material residues of, new community identities. Such a bringing together of different ethnicities and beliefs in urban environments is urgently needed to bridge social divides created in relation to ideas of religion. For example, in an attempt to create social cohesion, the British Government spends 40 million pounds on an annual basis on the Prevent scheme. The capacity to understand and empathize with others from very different worlds is imperative if such responses to social difference are to be improved in the future. Such outcomes are already being achieved with a very high level of success through Interfaith Childhoods, proving that a preventative approach to resolving social conflict needs to begin with community engagement."
--Anna Hickey-Moody

Anna Hickey-Moody is Professor of Media and Communication at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) where she holds an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship and a Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellowship. Her books include The Politics of Widening Participation and University Access for Young People (Routledge, 2016), Youth, Arts and Education (Routledge, 2013), Unimaginable Bodies (Sense, 2009) and Masculinity Beyond the Metropolis (Palgrave, 2006). Anna has also edited a number of essay collections and themed journal editions.

This guest talk is co-sponsored by the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. Anna Hickey Moody will be introduced by Professor Nancy Lesko.

Please rsvp by Monday, April 30th.

Where: 306 Russell