May Staff Picks: How to Survive Being a Teenager
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 05/01/2018
Uploaded: 05/03/2018
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Tags: growing up, reading, Social Issues, Teenagers, young adult books

Description/Abstract: May Staff Picks: How to Survive Being a Teenager

"YA and middle grade books can offer a look at the hard realities of growing up. These books also resonate with many adult readers. Middle grade books are often defined as battling the monster without and YA is about battling the monster within. The books in May Staff Picks deal with a broad range of topics, from Black Lives Matter to the development of gender expression to battling mental illness. In every book, the characters go on journeys and readers discover these new, unexplored situations along with them."
-- Curator's Statement

This display is curated by Julie Schaeffer, Library Services Associate.

Where: Reading Room, Second Floor

Staff Picks is curated each month by the Gottesman Libraries' staff to highlight resources on educational topics and themes of special interest.