Workshop: Career Development Program: Making Your Work Public
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Published: 04/02/2018
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Description/Abstract: Workshop: Career Development Program: Making Your Work Public, Monday, 4/9, 3:30-5pm

Topic: Making Your Work Public: Presenting, Publishing and (not) Perishing

This workshop is an offering by the Academic Career Development Program, co-sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Department and Gottesman Libraries, and focused on the academic career.

In this session we will discuss when to start presenting at academic conferences, which ones to apply for, and how to turn those presentations into publications. We will also discuss some of the basics of academic publications, including placement, publication type, (i.e., chapters v. articles v. books), and authorship.

Christine Baron is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies and Education is a former high school history teacher and museum educator. Dr. Baron’s research focuses on examining historical thinking related to non-traditional texts and teaching and learning.

James E. Purpura is Professor of Linguistics and Education in the Department of Arts and Humanities. His research focuses on language assessment with specific interests in L2 test validation, the assessment of grammar and pragmatics, the cognitive underpinnings of L2 test performance, and learning-oriented assessment approaches to scenario-based assessment in classroom and large scale assessment contexts.

Haeny Yoon is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. Her work focuses on the intersection of play, literacy, and curriculum in classroom spaces.

This workshop is part of the Careeer Development Program, designed for doctoral students in Arts and Humanities and Curriculum and Teaching. Other TC students may attend on a first come, first serve basis.

Please rsvp by Friday , April 6th with your interest and details, and let us know if you are in the A&H or C&T department.

Where: 306 Russell