Book Talk: The Transformative Mind, with Anna Stetsanko
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Published: 02/01/2018
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Description/Abstract: Book Talk: The Transformative Mind, with Anna Stetsanko, Wednesday, 2/28, 4-5pm

Please join Anna Stesanko for a discussion of her recent book, The Transformative Mind: Expanding Vygotsky's Approach to Development and Education (Cambridge University Press, 2016).

"The book suggests a transition from a relational worldview premised on the socio-political ethos of adaptation towards a transformative worldview premised on the ethos of solidarity and equality. Expansively developing Vygotsky's revolutionary project, the Transformative Activist Stance integrates insights from a vast array of critical and sociocultural theories and pedagogies and moves beyond their impasses to address the crisis of inequality. This captures the dynamics of social transformation and agency in moving beyond theoretical and political canons of the status quo. The focus is on the nexus of people co-creating history and society while being interactively created by their own transformative agency. Revealing development and mind as agentive contributions to the 'world-in-the-making' from an activist stance guided by a sought-after future, this approach culminates in implications for research with transformative agendas and a pedagogy of daring. Along the way, many key theories of mind, development and education are challenged and radically reworked."
-- Description

Anna Stetsenko is Full Professor in the PhD Program in Psychology (Head of Developmental Psychology in 2001-2009), with joint appointment in the PhD Program in Urban Education at The Graduate Center CUNY. She came to CUNY in 1999 with years of experience acquired in leading research centers around the world, including Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Education, Max Planck Institute of Human Development and Education (Berlin, Germany), University of Bern (Switzerland) and Center for Cultural Studies (Vienna, Austria).

Professor Stetsenko has published widely on cultural-historical activity theory, Vygotskian approach and human development in English, Russian, Italian and German. Her works have appeared in leading international journals such as Human Development; Theory & Psychology; New Ideas in Psychology; Mind, Culture & Activity; Pedagogies: An International Journal; Cultural Studies of Science Education; European Journal of Social Psychology; International Journal of Psychology; Developmental Psychology; Child Development; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology; International Journal of Behavioral Development; and Contemporary Psychology, among other journals as well as in edited book volumes. She also authored the book “The birth of consciousness” (2005, Moscow) and co-edited Vygotsky’s psychology: Voices from the past and present (2002, Nova Science Press).

Professor Stetsenko serves on editorial boards of several journals, acts as a reviewer for many scientific journals and presents her work at international conferences and other venues. Her work has been supported by grants from various agencies such as National Science Foundation (NSF), Swiss Science Foundation and Jacobs Foundation (Switzerland).

Anna Stetsanko will be introduced by Mariana Souto-Manning, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Director, Quality Universally Inclusive Early Responsive Education (QUIERE); Director, Early Childhood Education & Early Childhood Special Education Programs; and Director, Doctoral Program in Curriculum & Teaching, at Teachers College, Columbia University.

This book talk is co-sponsored by the Department of Curriculum and Teaching.

Please rsvp by Monday, February 26th with your interest and details.

Where: 306 Russell