On school aid, lawmakers took status quo stand
By: Erika Rosenberg
Published: 4/3/2005
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Description/Abstract: New York has a court decision ordering it to change the way it funds local schools, but that didn't stop lawmakers from divvying up this year's money pretty much the way they always have. In the budget adopted Thursday by the Legislature, nearly every district got more money than last fiscal year, and the regional distribution remained the same: 38 percent of the $848 million increase goes to New York City, 12 percent to Long Island and 50 percent to the rest of the state. It stayed the same because Senate Republicans fought to maintain the traditional split. "They've gone right back to that, and that's a travesty," said Michael Rebell, director of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, the New York City group that won a court order to overhaul funding for the Big Apple's schools. The organization is pushing for a school-funding formula based strictly on the needs of schools.