Workshop: Wearable Media: Kinetic Textiles
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 12/01/2017
Uploaded: 11/22/2017
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Tags: Clothing, design, technology, textiles, wearable media

Description/Abstract: Workshop: Wearable Media: Kinetic Textiles, Friday, 12/1, 4-5:30pm

This workshop will explore the relationship between sound and textiles, in the form of a kinetic e-textile swatch. Students will learn how to generate movement in textiles using magnets and copper wire, as well as mic sensor to capture sound which actuates movements. Preprogrammed wearable microcontrollers will be provided for sound input, and the students will be primarily learning how to physically construct, sew, and embed kinetic components into the textile. By the end of the workshop, students will have developed an e-textile swatch that can kinetically move to sound.

This workshop is presented by Wearable Media as part of the Future Textile Library, an exhibition at the Gottesman Libraries that explores the intersection of fashion, e-textile design, and computational technology.

Please rsvp ( with your interest.

Where: 305 Russell