Everett Cafe News: Death and Taxes: A New Book Display
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Published: 10/15/2017
Uploaded: 11/21/2017
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Description/Abstract: Everett Cafe News: Death & Taxes: A New Book Display, through November

"Taxes? Who wants to talk about taxes in September? I can tell you who is going to have to talk a lot about taxes in September - people elected to office in Washington D.C. After that, they will follow up with budget conversations. This is why we have decided to focus our next Cafe Collection on understanding taxes and funding.

The current tax reform appears to be focused on reform for corporations. But why should we care if the corporate tax rate is 35% vs 15%? Maybe we should just make the tax code as simple as possible.

How about no taxes? Well, that doesn’t work very well either as proven by Kansas. They recently ended their experiment with no taxes. It was not what some might call successful but it didn’t improve the state’s economy and led to budget shortfalls. Whereas D.C. took a more comprehensive approach and added taxation to some industries, cut the sales tax, and had economic growth.

The push for the current tax reform is to make sure the cuts don't add to the budget deficit. It is easy to flip that and say with these tax cuts, we also need to cut these programs to balance the budget. This could set off more gridlock in Washington, D.C. "
-- Curator's Statement

Kaitlin Kehnemuyi is an Innovation Fellow focused on Materials and Services in the Gottesman Libraries. Born in D.C. and raised outside the Beltway, Kaitlin is fascinated by palace intrigue and government machinations.

Death and Taxes offers a scintillating look at the issues and concerns surrounding our national budget, its polices and practices, from both non-fictional and fictional perspectives. Writers such as Jared Bernstein, T.R. Reid, Thomas Piety, Mattea Kramer, Gabriel Zucman, Kenneth Scheve, David Stasavage, G Calvin Mackenzie, Saranna Thornton, David Wessel, David Dodge, and Tony Kushner are featured.

Where: Everett Cafe
When: mid October through November

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