News Display: Education for All Handicapped Children's Act
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 11/01/2017
Uploaded: 11/21/2017
Uploaded by: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
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Tags: Education for All, handicapped, Inclusion, law, legislation, PL 94-142, Special education

Description/Abstract: News Display: Education for All Handicapped Children's Act, Thursday, 11/30

The Education for All Handicapped Children's Act was signed into law by President Gerald Ford on November 30, 1975. This important legislation required all public schools accepting federal funds to provide equal access to education and one free meal a day for children with physical and mental disabilities. In addition public schools were required to evaluate disabled children and create an educational plan with parent input that would emulate as closely as possible the educational experience of non-disabled students. Other requirements were that school districts provide administrative procedures for parents of disabled children to dispute decisions, and to ensure the least restrictive environments for disabled students.

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