Book Talk: Theorizing Pedagogical Interaction: Insights from Conversation Analysis, with Hansun Waring
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Published: 10/01/2017
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Tags: Conversation analysis, discourse, good teaching, TESOL

Description/Abstract: Book Talk: Theorizing Pedagogical Interaction: Insights from Conversation Analysis, with Hansun Waring, Thursday, 10/26, 12-1pm

"In an attempt to theorize pedagogical interaction from the vantage point of a deeply empirical landscape, I invite the reader to savor a kaleidoscope of lived moments in a wide variety of pedagogical contexts. By displaying such moments in slow motion through the microscopic lens of conversation analysis (CA), I call attention to a set of permeating concerns and practices, and in so doing, articulate the empirical grounding for three overarching principles of pedagogical interaction: (1) competence: achieving competence entails assuming competence; (2) complexity: teacher talk is multivocalic; (3) contingency: teaching requires being responsive to the moment. The three C’s coalesce into a unique lens through which to appraise and appreciate the discourse of teaching and learning, and as such, contribute to a long-standing tradition of intellectual pursuits in unlocking the “black box” of what makes a good teacher, how people learn, and why certain pedagogical encounters are more enlightening than others."
-- Author's Statement

Hansun Zhang Waring is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics & TESOL and Applied Linguistics & TESOL Program Director at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Waring has a B.A. in English Literature, from Beijing University; M.A. in TESOL, from the University of Central Missouri; and Ed. M., Ed.D. in Applied Linguistics, from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her scholarly research interests cover language and social interaction: conversation analysis; classroom discourse; advice giving and receiving; interactional resources deployed to manage competing demands; and cross-cultural and interlanguage pragmatics. She has published extensively in the field. Theorizing Pedagogical Interaction: Insights from Conversation Analysis was published by CRC/Routledge in May 2016.

This book talk is co-sponsored by the Department of Arts and Humanities and Gottesman Libraries.

Please rsvp with your interest and details by Tuesday, October 24th.

Where: 306 Russell