October Staff Picks: The Common Thread: Domestic Arts & Handcraft
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 10/01/2017
Uploaded: 11/17/2017
Uploaded by: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
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Tags: domes arts, handcart, handwork, History of Teachers College, Manual training

Description/Abstract: October Staff Picks: The Common Thread: Domestic Arts & Handcraft

This collection is an examination of the role of hand crafts through both an academic and historical lens. Domestic arts and handwork were integral subjects taught at Teachers College during its earliest years. As a lover of fiber arts, I am always eager to research and learn about the way in which these crafts appear in realms outside of the home.

Woman’s work, domestic arts, and handcrafts are often dismissed as kitschy and trivial. I selected these books in part because they are examples of a continuous argument to validate and legitimize these subjects as worthy of study and inclusion in educational practices.

The individual stitch may be simple but together they are beautiful, and complex."
— Curator’s Statement

The Common Thread: Domestic Arts and Handcraft is curated by Jasmine Sykes-Kunk, Gottesman Libraries' Services Associate; MSLS student at Clarion University; and avid knitter and teacher of knitting (whose first lesson begins with... a hat!).

Where: Reading Room, Second Floor

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