The Creation of a Culture of Inquiry: Engaging Teachers in Experiences with Art Objects in Museums
By: Stacy Miller
Published: 02/08/2012
Uploaded: 10/31/2017
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Pockets: 2012 (February) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations, Gottesman Libraries Archive, Historical Dissertations
Tags: aesthetics, Art museums, Investigation, learning environments, lifelong learning, Professional Development

Description/Abstract: The problem under investigation in this dissertation concerns teachers and their ability to continue to be lifelong learners through professional development initiatives in art museums. In this serial case study, five teachers from elementary, middle, and high schools visited the free choice learning environments of art museums and were interviewed about their encounters with self-selected objects in order to understand their experiences with the art works. Later, in group sessions the teachers discussed their findings with their peers.

It is argued that these encounters with cultural objects, layered in a variety of contexts such as historical, social, psychological, emotional, and
aesthetic, are ideal for interdisciplinary dialogues. Such dialogues create a culture of inquiry, encouraging teachers to use their disciplinary knowledge in new and more
flexible ways. In turn, the potential for new learning experiences is produced, which
promote the critically important practice of lifelong learning for teachers and their