Workshop: Archival Research
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 06/01/2017
Uploaded: 07/10/2017
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Tags: Archives, historical research, Research and Information

Description/Abstract: Workshop: Archival Research, Tuesday, 6/27, 3-4pm

Maybe you want to know the history of the Thompson swimming pool or gym, or understand the early mission of Teachers College?

Long gone are the days of sifting through yellowed papers and dusty books in brown boxes. In are tools that enable smart searching and analysis of archival material. In Archival Research, we will focus on unique institutional resources that help you uncover a wealth of information, with great leads to further research resources. Starting with Pockektnowledge, the digital archive of Teachers College, to Teachers College Record, our official journal dating back to 1900, to Educat, the catalog of the Gottesman Lbraries, we will quest and follow the trail of historical newspapers, and more.

If you have a specific topic of interest, please let us know when you rsvp.

Where: 302 Russell