Teachers for Modern Schools of China
By: P. Kuo
Published: 1912
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Tags: China, educational philosophy, Kuo

Description/Abstract: This is a master thesis by P.W. Kuo of Shanghai, China, submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree of Master of Arts in the Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia University.

Problem Stated:
The present study is an attempt to show how China is solving the problem of supplying her modern schools with competent teachers. Most of the data used in the treatment of the subject are derived from official reports of the Ministry of Education, Educational Laws and Regulations issued by the same Ministry during the last seven years and those preceded the creation of the Ministry. The figures used cover all governmental schools and public and private schools that have received the recognition of the government, not including those supported by the foreign churches and governments. In order to furnish a background for the discuss on to follow, a brief outline of the new educational system and its present statue will be given at this place.

Typescript, with notes. 67 pp, including charts, summary and bibliography