Fundamental facts
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Published: 2008
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Description/Abstract: Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding, particularly in New Orleans, Louisiana, made Katrina one of the deadliest and most costly hurricane disasters in US history. More people died in Hurricane Katrina than in any other hurricane since 1928 when 2,500 people died in the Lake Okeechobee Hurricane in Florida. At a cost of 100-120 billion dollars, it was at least four times as destructive as Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the next costliest storm. The statistical profile of Katrina is subject to interpretation and analysis. Most of the available figures are estimates, and some vary considerably, for example, estimates on the number of people who have died as a result of the hurricane. To make sense of the numbers that follow, it is important to look at the dates they were reported and the population/ area upon which they are based – the Gulf Coast, Louisiana, or New Orleans.