News Display: Brown versus Board of Education
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Published: 05/01/2017
Uploaded: 05/15/2017
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Tags: Afro-Americans, civl rights movement, equality, racial segregation

Description/Abstract: News Display: Brown versus Board of Education, Wednesday, 5/17

May 17, 1954 marked a major victory in the civil rights movement, as racial segregation was ruled unconstitutional in public schools. The landmark case, Brown versus Board of Education, involved Linda Brown, a third grade African American student, who was denied admission to her local public school in Topeka, Kansas, because of the color of her skin. The critical legal decision influenced the end of racial segregation in all public places.

News will highlight stories about Brown versus Board of Education, with reference to the 1896 case, Plessy versus Ferguson, which ruled on “separate but equal” accommodations in railroad cars.

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