Everett Cafe News: Celebrating Voices: International Poetry
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Published: 04/17/2017
Uploaded: 05/15/2017
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Description/Abstract: Everett Cafe News: Celebrating Voices: International Poetry

What inspires us to make or create an aesthetic piece of writing with pattern, rhythm, often rhyme? And, what can we learn from its maker, living near or far, as we ponder the place of poetry in education and grapple with global issues?

This Spring we bring together international works of poetry that represent both individual and collective voices, from ancient and classical times, through to the present day. Speaking to our common humanity, Celebrating Voices coincides with National Poetry Month and supports the recent Teachers College International Week, Celebrating World Cultures; Celebrating the Beauty of You.

The display is curated by the staff of the Gottesman Libraries, with input from the Teachers College community.

Where: Everett Cafe
When: April - May