Staff Picks: Earth Day
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 04/01/2017
Uploaded: 04/25/2017
Uploaded by: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
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Description/Abstract: Staff Picks: Earth Day

As we gear up for Earth Day on April 22, come take a look at the latest Staff Picks, a rotating display of favorite and/or recommended books from the collections of the Gottesman Libraries. April's display, Earth Day, features select, timely, and classic works, including children's books and curriculum, fiction and nonfiction, that raise key questions and concerns about environmental and climate literacy -- prompting us to consider how we can best protect and sustain our planet.

Earth Day "takes a look back in time to the early stages of environmentalism and stories that take place here in our delicate ecosystems, yet also seeks answers from the future. Some of the books are focused on Earth. Some take a look at neighboring planets, and even into the distant reaches of fantasy universes. Even those far-off places are filled with living things who make it their life goal to preserve themselves and their environments. The Earth Day collection explores how we can look at the past to influence the future, and how change from a cellular to intergalactic level is critical to all things."
-- Rachel Atvater

April's Staff Picks is curated by Rachel Altvater, Library Services Associate, who has volunteered for such organizations as NYPIRG and to raise awareness of climate change, educate people on sustainability, and work towards a brighter, greener future for all.

Where: Second Floor
When: Through April