Book Talk: The Dropout, with Joseph Mathews
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Published: 03/01/2017
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Description/Abstract: Book Talk: The Dropout: How a Lost Kid Found His Dream, with Joseph Mathews, Wednesday, 3/29, 5-7pm

Please join Joseph Mathews, Teachers College doctoral candidate and edutainer, on Wednesday, February 1st, as he discusses his first book, The Dropout: How A Lost Kid Found His Dream (CreateSpace, 2008), with relevance to his continuing work in the field.

"Follow the high school drop out Joseph Mathews as he takes you on a journey through his troubled life and shares with readers the events that lead to him dropping out of high school. Joseph's debut project, The Dropout gives a very vivid and detailed account of what makes a kid want to drop out of school. He shares with readers his early life as an honor roll student and explains how that all changed. Joseph also shares many lessons with young readers about the destructive lifestyle he was living, the friends he lost along the way, and the eventual trouble that led to him going to jail when he was 17 years old. But just when it seemed like Joseph's life was over his story demonstrates that even when you've made mistakes and bad decisions, never give up because there is a dream inside of you, and that... ...Sometimes in life all you will have is a dream, so hold on to yours."
-- Publisher's Description

Joseph Mathews has conducted many professional development workshops for teachers that focus on student and family engagement. In addition to his newly published Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me (CreateSpace, May, 2015), he has written Wrestling for My Life (2011), Why Do Boys Make Girls Cry? (2011), Me and My Homies (2010), and The Dropout (2008). Joseph has a M.A. in Family and Community Education, and he is pursuing now a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies, also at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Please rsvp with your interest by Monday, March 27th, and stay tuned for details on Joseph's Spring 2017 workshops in the series, Engaging the Disengaged Student: I Hate My Teacher & My Teacher Hates Me, Wednesday, March 1st; Academics vs Athletics, Wednesday, April 5th.

Where: 306 Russell