Guest Talk - Workshop: Human Rights and Advocacy, with Helen Rosenthal
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Published: 03/01/2017
Uploaded: 04/07/2017
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Tags: advocacy, Africa, citizenship education, Civics, human rights, New York City

Description/Abstract: Guest Talk & Workshop: Human Rights & Advocacy, with Helen Rosenthal, Saturday, 3/4, 9:30am-1pm

Do you want to learn and teach about human rights and advocacy? Would you like tips on how to advocate to your elected officials? Please join New York City Council Woman Helen Rosenthal who will speak on these topics and more. You will learn what human rights are and what they mean for you and your community; how to advocate to your elected officials about human rights and other issues you care about; and how to teach others about human rights and advocacy.

Helen Rosenthal represents the Upper West Side in the New York City Council. She is a leading voice on issues of accessibility, civic engagement, affordable housing, pedestrian safety, the environment, and adequate funding for social service providers. Elected to the City Council in 2013, Helen’s vote total in the general election was the highest of any candidate running for City Council in New York City.

This event is co-sposnored by the George Clement Bond Center for African Education, Columbia University Institute for the Study of Human Rights, and the Office of the Vice President's Grant for Diversity and Community Initiatives.

Breakfast is included, and rsvp's may be sent by Friday, February 24t to

Where: 306 Russell