Dancing with Data: Data-Driven Decision-Making in Major Metropolitan Dance Companies
By: Hannah Rich
Published: 2017
Uploaded: 03/06/2017
Uploaded by: Arts Administration Program
Pockets: Arts Administration Program Theses (Permission Required), Arts Administration: General, Dance
Tags: Dance, data, decision-making, strategy

Description/Abstract: In today’s dynamic cultural landscape, nonprofit dance organizations need to continuously adapt in the face of unceasing demographic shifts, technological advancements, globalization, and changes in cultural policy. Some major metropolitan dance companies are addressing this ongoing challenge through data-driven initiatives, initiatives that use data as critical evidence to inform and influence strategy and decision-making. Because the use of data-driven initiatives within major metropolitan dance companies is a newly emerging trend, little inquiry has been made into how major metropolitan dance companies are integrating them into everyday organizational practice. In this study, I ask how data-driven initiatives enhance or conflict with the operations of major metropolitan dance companies through three lines of inquiry: (1) what are the objectives of data-driven strategy in major metropolitan dance companies, (2) how do major metropolitan dance companies meet the understood objectives of data-driven strategy, and (3) how do major metropolitan dance companies implement data-driven strategy from analytical results? Through an exploration of the goals, procedures, and implementation of data-driven initiatives, I find that successful and pervasive data-driven strategy as a tool for operation and mission enhancement within major metropolitan dance companies is achieved through strong organizational commitment to data-driven culture.