Minding the Gap: Targeting Millennials to Ensure the Future of Opera
By: Blaire Townshend
Published: 2017
Uploaded: 01/25/2017
Uploaded by: Arts Administration Program
Pockets: Arts Administration, Arts Administration Program Theses, Arts Administration Program Theses (Permission Required), Arts Administration: General, Development, Philanthropy, Music, Opera
Tags: Audience Development, engagement, millennials, Opera, Sustainability

Description/Abstract: Opera is currently under threat—in the form of dwindling and increasingly aging audiences. Enticing a younger demographic—specifically Millennials—to become the next generation of operagoers is thus vital to the sustainability of opera as an art form. To achieve this, opera companies must look to the interests and needs of this demographic and craft their supplemental programming accordingly. Ensuring that such programming increases awareness, encourages relatability, and promotes accessibility will be key to transforming opera from a form that is often perceived as outdated to one that speaks directly to the Millennial demographic. With this in mind, what programs are opera companies implementing to attract Millennial audiences? What are the greatest challenges that administrators of these programs face? And finally, how do the administrators of these programs evaluate success? The answers to these questions will help to clarify opera’s current relationship with Millennial audiences and to determine how this relationship could be improved for the benefit of both Millennial operagoers and opera administrators alike.