News Display: Remembering Margret Rey
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 12/01/2016
Uploaded: 12/16/2016
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Description/Abstract: News Display: Remembering Margret Rey, Wednesday, 12/21

Margret Rey (born Margarete Elisabeth Waldstein), wife of Hans A. Rey and co-creator of the "Curious George" children's books, died on December 21, 1996 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Rey was a Bauhaus-educated photographer and journalist of German Jewish descent. She and her husband were childhood acquaintances, both born in Hamburg, and they left Nazi Germany where they met up fortuitously in Brazil. They married and worked together in Paris -- only to escape on bicycles, carrying their precious animal illustrations. The Reys pursued a new life in the United States, where they became beloved authors and illustrators whose work has been translated into multiple languages and continues to be read throughout the world.

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