Workshop: The New York Foundling's Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) Professional Training
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Published: 11/01/2016
Uploaded: 12/16/2016
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Description/Abstract: Workshop: The New York Foundling's Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) Professional Training, Tuesday, 11/15, 9am-2:30pm

Please join TC alumna Leslie Schmerler and her colleagues from The New York Foundling as they provide training to counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other school professionals about the dynamics of child abuse. Participants are taught how to respond to abuse disclosure statements from children and will learn specific interviewing skills that are most effective when gathering information to make a report. They will also have the opportunity to observe the entire Child Safety Workshop.

A key component of training, the Child Safety Workshop uses life-sized puppets to teach children to recognize, resists, and report instances of abuse and neglect.

The Foundling's award winning Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) ensure that children understand their right to be safe and has empowered more than 500,000 elementary schools students in New York City since 1986.

This event is co-sponsored by Future Child Advocates, a group that Leslie Schmerler help co-found.

Persons interested in attending may rsvp by Monday, November 14th. Space is limited to 35 persons.

Where: 305 Russell