Workshop: Cited Reference Searching
By: Education Program Gottesman Libraries
Published: 11/01/2016
Uploaded: 12/16/2016
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Tags: citations, Databases, Research and Information, tracking

Description/Abstract: Workshop: Cited Reference Searching, Wednesday, 11/9, 3-4pm

Tracking and analyzing citations is an important part of the research process that can lead to deeper understanding of the significance of published authors/works; impact factor of journals; and even faculty tenure decisions. Key citation analysis tools also may serve as a springboard in your pursuit of a research topic. In Cited Reference Searching, you will take a look at major citation tools that provide insight - notably, Reuter's Web of Science, Elsevier's Scopus, and, "standing on the shoulders of giants", Google Scholar.

Please rsvp by Tuesday, November 8th.

Where: 302 Russell