Book Talk: Human Rights and Schooling: An Ethical Framework for Teaching for Social Justice, with Audrey Osler
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Published: 11/01/2016
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Description/Abstract: Book Talk: Human Rights and Schooling: An Ethical Framework for Teaching for Social Justice, with Audrey Osler, Tuesday, 11/29, 4-5:30pm

Let us warmly welcome Dr. Audrey Osler back to Teachers College, as she gives a talk on her latest book published in 2016 by Teachers College Press, Human Rights and Schooling: An Ethical Framework for Teaching for Social Justice, a volume in the Multicultural Education Series, edited by James A. Banks. Chapters cover: "Human Rights Education, Politics, and Power"; "The Right to Human Rights Education"; "Intersectionality, Human Rights, and Identities"; "Narrative in Teaching for Justice and Human Rights"; "Human Rights, Education, and the Nation"; "Human Rights, Peace, and Conflict"; "Child Rights"; "Reimagining a Cosmopolitan Future", with appendices on the UN Declaration of Human Rights; Unofficial Summary of the UU Convention; and "Does Your School Environment Give Everyone a Chance to Enjoy Their Rights?"

"Most of the struggles for equitable schooling, including multicultural curricula and culturally responsive teaching, have largely taken place on a local or national stage, with little awareness of how international human rights standards might support these struggles. Human Rights and Schooling explores the potential of human rights frameworks to support grassroots struggles for justice and examines the impact that human rights and child rights education can make in the lives of students, including the most marginalized. The author, Audrey Osler, examines the theory, research, and practice linking human rights to education in order to broaden the concept of citizenship and social studies education. Bringing scholarship and practice together, the text uses concrete examples to illustrate the links between principles and ideals and actual efforts to realize social justice in and through education. Osler anchors her examination of human rights in the U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training."
-- Teachers College Press, book description

Audrey Osler is Professor of Education at Buskerud University College, Norway and Emeritus Professor of Citizenship and Human Rights Education at the University of Leeds, UK. She has a BA (Honours) in History; MA in Education and Local History and Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Leeds); and a PhD in Education (Birmingham). She has taught at a number of universities in the UK, US, and East Asia and holds honorary positions at universities across the globe, including Birkbeck, University of London; the University of Iceland; Simon Fraser University, Vancouver; and Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.

Dr. Osler's research addresses both education policy and practice with a specific focus on social justice. She has a long-standing interest in ways in which nationalism and identity operate within education to include or exclude. She has worked in a number of post-conflict settings, including Northern Ireland; Ethiopia; Aceh, Indonesia; and most recently Cyprus and Kurdistan, Iraq. She is very widely published, including 19 books, and her work has been translated into Japanese, Mandarin and various European languages. Her most recent books are Students Perspectives on Schooling (Open University Press/McGraw Hill, 2010) and Teachers and Human Rights Education (Trentham/IOE Press, 2010, with H. Starkey). She works as an expert for many international organizations, including UNESCO and the Council of Europe, and was General Rapporteur for the 2012 conference on the implementation of the Council of Europe's Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.

This event is co-sponsored by the Program in Teaching of Social Studies and Teachers College Press.

Opening remarks will be made by William Gaudelli, Associate Professor of Social Studies and Education and Chair, Department of Arts and Humanities.

Please rsvp no later than Tuesday, November 27th with your interest and details.

Please see Sanitized History and Sanitized Citizenship? How Do We Address Conflict in Education for Justice and Human Rights, a related guest talk delivered by Dr. Osler at the Gottesman Libraries.

Where: 306 Russell