Composition: A Series of Exercises Selected from a New System of Art Education (Third Edition)
By: Arthur W. Dow
Published: 1900
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Description/Abstract: Dow's Composition (Part 1, 3rd edition, New York: Baker and Taylor, 1900, c1899) is signed, "To the Bryson Library with the compliments of Arthur W Dow, May 1905). At the time of its publication, Dow was an Instructor in Art at Pratt Institute and at the Art Students' League of New York. The Bryson Library is the former name of the library of Teachers College which was then located at 9 University Place.


  • Note, p.5

  • Line Drawing and Materials, p.7

  • Line Composition
    I.- Squares, p.16
    III. -Examples of Beautiful Straight Line Arrangement,p.21
    IV. -Landscape..p.24
    V. -Examples of Pictures Composed on Rectangular Lines,p.27
    VI. - Repetition- Oblique Lines,p.29
    VII. -Landscape Arrangement..p.32

  • Dark-and-Light Composition
    VIII. -Notan,p.36
    IX. -Notan of Line,p.38
    X. -Notan of Two Tones - Straight Line Patterns, p.41
    XI. -Two Tones-Variation, p.44

  • Flower Composition
    XII. -Line and Notan of Two Tones,p.46

  • Dark-and-Light Composition
    XII. -Notan of Landscape - Two Tones,p.50

  • Borders and Surface Patterns
    -XIV. Line and Notan of Two Tones,p.56

  • Flower Composition
    XV. -Borders in Two Tones,p.58
    XVI. -Two Tones- Japanese Examples,p.60

  • Book Covers, Title Pages, and Letters
    XVII. -Line and Notan of Two Tones, p.62

  • Book-Page Composition
    XVIII. -Two-Tones - Landscape,p.64

  • Landscape Composition
    XIX. - Two ones- Japanese Examples,p.65

  • Dark-and-Light Composition
    XX. - Three Tones, p.68
    XXI. -Three Tones - Flowers, p.72
    XXII. -Three Tones - Landscape,p.75

  • Book Illustration
    XXIII. - Three Tones - An Imaginary Poem, p.76

  • Advanced Composition
    XXIV. - Many Tones, p.79

  • Conclusion of the First Part, p.83

This book is on display for the Macy Gallery Exhibition "Brushes with History: Imagination and Innovation in Art Education History", November 2-22, 2015 and the eponymous conference held at Teachers College, Columbia University, November 19-22, 2015.