The Art of Fashion: the Display of Costume and Fashion in the Museum Setting
By: Susan Weisbrod
Published: 05/01/2015
Uploaded: 05/12/2015
Uploaded by: Arts Administration Program
Pockets: Arts Administration, Arts Administration Program Theses, Other, Visual Arts, Museums, Crafts, ARAD Theses: Fall 2013 to Spring 2015
Tags: Costume, Fashion, museums, stakeholders

Description/Abstract: Since the nineteenth century, museums around the world of various types and sizes have collected and displayed costume and fashion as part of a larger encyclopedic collection, a specialized collection, or in connection to a related academic institution. As both the number of institutions participating in the display of costume and fashion and the volume of exhibitions devoted to this subject have increased in recent years, museum administrators, curators, critics, and patrons have raised a number of questions surrounding the purpose of, influence behind, and goals of these exhibitions.

After providing a brief history of the display of costume and fashion in the museum setting, this study examines the different types of museums displaying these types of exhibitions and identifies the challenges and opportunities faced by each as they relate to the type of institution, the involvement of external stakeholders, and each institutionís goals for displaying costume and fashion, as well as the tactics they employ for reaching their goals.