"La Réforme de Maurice Dartigue et Les Courants de Pensée en Education" (The Reforms of Maurice Dartigue and Trends in Educational Thought)
By: Creutzer Mathurin
Published: 2003
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Description/Abstract: La R�forme de Maurice Dartigue et Les Courants de Pens�e en Education (The Reforms of Maurice Dartigue and Trends in Educational Thought) is the transcript of a talk given by Creutzer Mathurin, a sociologist and principal advisor (at one time) to the Haitian Ministry of Education, in May 2003 at a half-day conference at the University of Quebec in Montreal that honored Dartigue, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday that year. In it, Mathurin gave a very cogent summary of Dartigue�s work and included two pages devoted to the influence on Dartigue of three of his Teachers College professors�Mabel Carney, Isaac Leon Kandel, and William Chandler Bagley. The conference was organized by Haitian historian and author Marcel B. Auguste, who was among the speakers, as were author and professor (at the University of Sherbrooke) Charles Pierre-Jacques and Frantz Voltaire, president of the Montreal-based CIDIHCA (Centre International de Documentation et d�Information Ha�tienne, Carib�enne et Afro-Canadienne [International Center of Haitian, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian Documentation and Information], which is both a library and a publishing house. Also enclosed is a copy of the conference agenda as well as a message from Esther Dartigue, who was unable to attend, thanking the organizers and participants for �this homage to a Haitian, Maurice Dartigue, who in his soul and his conscience served well the interests of his country.�