Four Articles from Haitian Newspapers
By: Laurore St-Juste, Eric Etienne, Oscar Boisgris
Published: n/a, 1983 - 1986
Uploaded: 10/18/2013
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Pockets: Additional Writings by and about Maurice Dartigue, Maurice Dartigue

4 Arti[...].pdf
Description/Abstract: This file contains: Maurice Dartigue,” ”Le Maurice Dartigue que j’ai connu” (The Maurice Dartigue I Knew), “Aspect peu connu du gouvernement d’Elie Lescot/IV— Lescot, La Shada et les Paysans” (Little Known Aspect of the Government of Elie Lescot/IV—Lescot, SHADA and the Peasants), and ”Le vrai visage du Gouvernement d’Elie Lescot” (The Real Face of the Government of Elie Lescot)—four articles that are appreciations of Dartigue and that appeared in the Haitian newspapers Le Septentrion (the first two articles) and Le Nouvelliste (the remaining two articles) between 1983 and 1986, following his death in July 1983. The ‘IV’ of the third article suggests that three other articles in this series were previously published, but unfortunately up until now they’ve not been located.