Four Articles from Association France-Haiti’s Annual Bulletin
By: Esther Dartigue
Published: n/a, 1981 - 1985
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Description/Abstract: Esther Dartigue was for many years involved with the Association France-Haiti, serving on its Advisory Board and later as Vice President. The organization's aim was to foster and maintain friendly relations between the two countries in the realms of culture, science, and economics, as well as to offer a welcome center for Haitians visiting Paris and for any French man or woman traveling to Port-au-Prince. It came into being in Paris in 1954, on the occasion of Haiti's 150th anniversary of independence from France.

In October 1980, her longtime friend Dr. Yvonne Sylvain, the first woman doctor in Haiti (this was in the 1930s) and now vice president and a founder of FHASE (Fondation haïtienne pour la santé et l’éducation [Haitian Foundation for Health and Education]) came to Paris to ask the Association to form a special committee to help seek funding in France and among the Haitian diaspora for a hospital she wanted to see constructed in Frères, a ten-minute drive from Pétionville (in Haiti), to serve a community of over 100,000 people without medical access. Auguste Viatte (in the position of Secretary-General), Raymonde MBow (as Coordinator), Esther Dartigue (as Adjunct Coordinator), and Jacqueline Delannoy and Lily Vieux (as Advisors) all agreed to join the committee, which proceeded to draft a letter to the Association’s members and to the Friends of Haiti informing them of the fund drive and asking for donations, however small. An approach was also made to Jacques Chirac, then-mayor of Paris (and later president of France), who was willing to have City Hall help financially and to solicit contributions from the capital’s twenty district town halls.
Mrs. Dartigue further supported Dr. Sylvain by writing an article for the organization's 1981 annual Bulletin and another for the 1984 Bulletin concerning the progress of the hospital's construction (based on on-site visits she made with Dr. Sylvain during her trips to Haiti). Mrs. Dartigue produced a third article, on Dr. Sylvain and her three sisters (who were the first Haitian women in Haiti with advanced degrees), in the 1985 Bulletin, titled �Le F�minisme en Haiti: �Il �tait une fois quatre soeurs��� (�Feminism in Haiti: �Once upon a time there were four sisters���). (Mrs. Dartigue also mentions the Sylvains in Chapter Six of her posthumous book, Forging Ahead: Recollections of the Life and Times of Esther Dartigue, published in 2013.)

The 1984 Bulletin also contains an obituary of Maurice Dartigue, who died in Paris in July 1983.