Eight Articles in Response to a Highly Controversial Talk
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Published: 1935
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Pockets: Maurice Dartigue, Writings by and about Esther Dartigue
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Description/Abstract: In 1935, Madeleine Sylvain, the first woman lawyer in Haiti, asked Esther Dartigue to help co-found (with others, as well) the first feminist organization in Haiti and to give a talk in April of that year about women's education in Haiti, at the first feminist conference held in Haiti, sponsored by the organization, La Ligue Féminine d'Action Social (The Women's League of Social Action). The talk was well covered by the local press, but her critics were generally appalled that a woman --and a foreigner to boot-- would dare speak so frankly in public.

Following are the articles (dates and publications unfortunately unknown, with one exception):

"L’Éducation féminine en Haïti" (Women's Education in Haiti)

"Madame Dartigue jette quelques pierres dans la mare aux grenouilles" (Mrs. Dartigue Throws Several Stones into the Frog Pond)

"Autour d'une conférence" (Around a Conference)

"En marge d'une conférence" (On the Edges of a Conference)

"Loterie nationale" (National Lottery)

"La conférence de Mme Dartigue" (Mrs. Dartigue's Conference)

"Branle-bas de combat" (Clear the Decks for Action)

"A l’Ecole de Madame Dartigue" (At Mrs. Dartigue's School)