Reconciling Race, Community and School Reform
By: Hechinger Institute
Published: 03/13/2013
Uploaded: 03/18/2013
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Tags: Brown, Civil rights, Discrimination, Kentucky, Louisiana, Louisville, New Orleans, sarah carr, sarah garland

Description/Abstract: This is a recording of a panel discussion hosted by the Hechinger Insitute about two books on recent history of the civil rights movement in our schools, and the debate over urban education in America. This recording runs 1:16.

It is moderated by Liz Willen, director of the Hechinger Institute and editor of The Hechinger Report, and features:

=Sarah Carr, contributing editor at The Hechinger Report and author of Hope Against Hope: Three Schools, One City, and the Struggle to Educate America's Children,

=Sarah Garland, staff writer at The Hechinger Report and author of Divided We Fail: The Story of an African American Community That Ended the Era of School Desegregation,

=Warren Simmons, Annenberg Institute for School Reform, and

=Amy Stuart Wells, Teachers College professor and author of Both Sides Now: The Story of School Desegregationís Graduates.

This recording was made Wednesday, March 13, 2013, at 7:00 p.m.
in Milbank Chapel, Teachers College.