News Display: Peking's Summer Palace Burns Down
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Published: 10/02/2012
Uploaded: 10/19/2012
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Description/Abstract: News Display: Peking's Summer Palace Burns Down, Thursday, 10/18

October 18, 1860 marks the date when the Summer Palace in Peking, China, was destroyed by British troops as a tactic to end the Second Opium War. Yuanmingyuan was built by the Manchu emperors in 1750. After it was burned and looted, Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi began rebuilding the palace, calling it Yiheyuan, or "Garden of Good Health and Harmony." It was burned again by Western troops in 1900 during the Boxer Rebellion and rebuilt again in the 1950s. Considered a masterpiece of Chinese landscape garden design, the Summer Palace is now on Unesco's World Heritage list of sites.